Well, who would’ve thought it?

Just six months after Sam Allardyce’s job was hanging by a thread he’s now steered us in to the top four of the Premier League and has got us playing some decent football.

The win over Swansea saw was as satisfiying as it was crucial. Had we lost it we would’ve slipped down to sixth/seventh and would’ve lost some momentum. But coming from behind to claim all three points has never been sweeter, in my opinion.

Andy Carroll announced his official return from the physio room with a fantastic brace, as did Diafra Sakho with a thumping effort at the end.

Swansea weren’t at their best on the day, but it was the way we played that ensured they couldn’t really get going throughout.

So we’re all walking around with huge smiles on our faces. But what about the Swansea fans? I had san through their message boards and, as usual, found a mixed bag of opinions.

Some couldn’t believe they had lost to a rugby team and were upset with the way their ‘tiki-taka’ team didn’t turn up, while others admitted the hype surrounding us this season is absolutely justified.

Some thought Fabianski deserved his red card. Others were outraged and accused Diafra Sakho of cheating.

So it was pretty much a typical collection of comments from football fans who, quite understandably, were a little upset about their team losing and were scrambling desperately for excuses. Any excuses.

Then I came across a load of them starting to argue amongst themselvesĀ and I left promptly with a big grin on my face. Happy days.

Here’s a collection of the best, worst, funniest, most deluded and honest comments from the Swans fans…

“We need to have Shelvey on to man mark Song, he’s controlling everything for them.”

“Am I the only one who thinks Carroll looks like a horse?”
abertaweambyth –

“Love the way they go on about Carroll’s goal. Wasn’t that special! He managed to get his head on the whoopy do, ours was worked much better!”

“A hoof ball in and a donkey on the end of it. Standard.”

“On the overall play we’re very lucky to be on terms. Superbly crafted goal by us though but totally against the run of play. Then surprise, surprise, Carroll is left on his own to equalise. Bartley should have been told to man mark Carroll because, other than Bony, there is no one else in our team capable of doing it, which means that if Bartley isn’t challenging, Carroll’s getting free headers all afternoon. Bartley should have been told to man mark Carroll because, other than Bony, there is no one else in our team capable of doing it, which means that if Bartley isn’t challenging, Carroll’s getting free headers all afternoon. As for the general performance, WH are beating us at our own game. They are passing it better, winning it better and look far more threatening – our odd breakaway apart. What’s happened to our passing game? Right now it’s rubbish but then it’s been in decline for a long time. Routledge is appalling and should be hooked and Monk needs to take a look at Alex Song because he is the type of player that we are screaming out for. Okay, we can’t afford similar quality but you get my drift.”
Ivoralljack –

“There’s no such thing as running in front of the man, then jumping to the right in to “stand your ground” in front of Sakho. It was a red card, no fuss.”
OrangeSwan –

“Spam are now my most hated team! They can shove their bubbles!”
Imalumberjack –

“West Ham = Rubbish club, rubbish team & rubbish manager.”
Neveroffsidereff –

“Sakho’s been making a joke of our back-line all day. I don’t know why but Ash’s worst games of the season are always against West Ham. Fair play to West Ham they’ve made us look like schoolboys.”
TaffysturnedJack –

“What a tedious game, we have yet again thrown a lead away again to one of the worst strikers in the Prem and generally been diabolical and the left hand side defence letting CARL JENKINSON fling in many dangerous crosses.”
MrSwan – Planet Swans

“We are playing rubbish with almost non-existent control of the football. 60% of the ball to West Ham who are just lumping it.”
icecoldjack – Planet Swans

“No more than i expected to be fair, away to 5th place, they are stopping us playing as we like. I was speaking to an Evertonian last night who said they were lucky to beat West Ham at their place, very physical and always try to play football in your half and actually are a decent footballing side even though they have Andy Carroll. Sounds exactly right so far. Two excellent goals but we are getting dominated and are second best in gameplay – but again, we are the away side, we cant dominate every game home and away. This season is full of surprises, if Chelsea can go to Newcastle and lose and Arsenal can go to Stoke and lose on the same weekend then we certainly have no given right to turn up and outplay the hammers on their own patch.”
Parlay – Planet Swans

“West Ham are as good as others are saying, we gave them a good game but second best today.”
Dameedna – Planet Swans

“Bottom line here is that playing West Ham isn’t rocket science. Even the dullest know what will happen at Upton Park – lump it long all day init? So why did it look like it took us by surprise?”
icecoldjack – Planet Swans

“I don’t think we were committed to playing so much against a rugby team, and we didn’t put on the form we have been. And here I was hoping for a good match and some real football for once. but we pretty much got the same thing we always get when we come out there. Guess it extends our rivalry… I can’t imagine the horror show it’ll be when they visit the liberty.”
phact0rri – Planet Swans

“Outclassed by the better team unfortunately the hype for them was right.”
MrSwan – Planet Swans

“Definitely not the weakest today. We simply are not streetwise enough to live with that kind of hoofball side.”
ItchySphincter – Planet Swans