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Since launching in July 2012, West Ham World has developed in to one of the most popular independently run West Ham websites Рboasting over 10 million unique visitors during that time.

But this has only been achievable by having a dedicated team of writers to provide regular, high-quality content for our readership.

And we’re always looking for new people to join the team and get their thoughts and opinions about West Ham read by thousands of fellow fans, whipping up a debate and having their work broadcast to the masses.

Since launching we have become the number one platform for budding writers, journalists and bloggers to have their work published in order to boost their portfolio and gain valuable experience in online journalism – and our audience of millions of like minded fans makes West Ham World the best platform to do this.

So if you’d like to be part of the team and have your work published on West Ham World, simply submit your article below and we’ll endeavour to get it published within 24 hours.

Before you submit,¬†please be aware of our contributor guidelines…

  • Each article must be at least 350 words long, and preferably no longer than 1000 words.
  • Please refrain from swearing. West Ham World is a family friendly website.
  • Make sure your article is as opinionated as possible. Don’t hold back, but also try not to swerve off your original point. The more debate your article whips up, the better chance it will have of being published.
  • Be aware that we reserve the right to edit and change your article where appropriate to ensure it adheres to our guidelines.
  • Please send us all your details so we can accurately credit you with a byline and shoutout on Twitter.


We look forward to receiving your articles! Irons!