Granted; One of the more sarcastic titles I have ever written about but one that I feel fairly strongly about all the same.

This season had started perfectly after that amazing win at the Emirates over Arsenal.

However, in true West Ham fashion, we threw that great start away with two losses, both at home against relatively beatable teams. I would quickly just like to vent a personal frustration at the team over their demeanour at the Boleyn Ground.

I can handle losses and the odd poor performance, but what I saw from the previous two weekends from a passion and performance based point of view was nothing short of abysmal. Never have I seen us quite as slow and lacklustre as we were against Bournemouth, with only around seven minutes of actual good play in the form of the opening of the second half, not to mention the complete destruction of our disciplinary record.

May I remind the players this year of all the years at our beautiful home will be the most important as it is our LAST SEASON at the Boleyn. From what I have seen recently, there seems to be a dangerously low amount of passion on that pitch and I hope that this will turn around very soon.

I don’t blame those defeats on the tactical implementation of Bilic, just a lack of remembering the ‘basics’. Sharpen up.

Rant over. So…… how do we move on from this?


(Sidenote: all of that does not go for Kouyate who has been stunning in all three games)
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