In my opinion, I think it would be a bad move for the club to let Andy Carroll go this summer.

We all know he has had his injury problems, but if he is managed well, as Sir Slaven seems to want to do, he can be a vital member of our starting XI in the future.

Apart from Carroll, we have no other hold up player. For a big man, he has good feet and holds the play up well for the likes of Dimitri Payet and Enner Valencia to join the play in a second phase of an attack.

I would prefer to see a front two of Sakho and Carroll playing together in a 4-4-2 formation if I had the choice, or as the lone striker if we play 5-4-1.

He is one of the hardest forwards in the Premier League to contain in a aerial battle (not that I always want a long ball game if he is in the side), but he is a nightmare for defenders on the floor as well. The only gamble is keeping him fit.

I believe he took time to settle in to London life when he first came and he seems content with life off the pitch now, which can only be good for everyone concerned. Where can you buy a striker at his quality – when 100% fit – for the price he cost us nowadays?

I know Slaven is aware of the foreign market where players are concerned, and we struck gold with Payet, who adapted to English football straight away, but we could also have another Shevchenko if we are not careful.

Also, you just know that if he were to go, he would come back and haunt us just like Defoe likes to do.

So lets get behind big Andy, give him game time, keep him fit and we will reap the rewards for years to come.

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