West Ham have struggled to make the London Stadium feel like home in their debut season since moving from the Boelyn Ground but changes are afoot.

Amidst all the transfer shenanigans that are likely to take place this summer, West Ham are set to make more modest changes in the stadium to make the surroundings seem more familiar.

According to a post on Twitter, the Hammers will change the colour of the astro turf surrounding the pitch to claret and will add more claret covered seats in the stands.

Although both changes seem minimal, the visual alterations should help the London Stadium feel more like home for West Ham and brings back memories of the ‘Arsenalisation’ that the Gunners used following their move to the Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal added murals around the edge of the stadium with fan memories and West Ham are likely to make more changes to the London Stadium as time goes on.

On Twitter, fans reacted to the news and some shared other changes they’d like to see made.