The club says the fans have spoken. The fans say the club has spoken. Either way, this whole new crest idea has turned in to one hell of a controversy.

Whether you like West Ham’s new crest design or not, you can’t deny that the way in which the club have gone about adopting it has been nothing short of a shambles.

Regardless of whether 77%, 56%, 54% or whatever percentage of fans voted in favour of the proposed new crest, the truth is that the majority (judging by the reaction on Twitter, anyway) aren’t happy with it.

But a very talented fan has taken matters in to his own hands and put together a number of different crest designs that not only incorporate the history, values and colours of our great club, but has also tweaked designs based on fan feedback on Twitter.

So here are Benjamin Anthonisz‘s alternatives. Once you’ve had a look through, make sure you return back here and leave your thoughts in the comments section below…

Click on the club’s hideous design to reveal

New West Ham badge