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The top 5 West Ham players ever


Throughout its impressive history of over 117 years, West Ham United was one of the most oscillating groups in England’s inner circuit, facing numerous ups and downs.

Across all of these years, a multitude of talented and extremely skilled players have represented West Ham, and many of them stand behind the evolution of the club down to this very moment.

These are five players that have truly left a mark and shined under West Ham’s colours..

5. Vic Watson

Even up to this moment, Watson still remains the all-time record scorer, having managed an astounding total of 326 goals, out of which 298 within the League and 28 goals within the FA Cup. The peak of this glorious achievement occurred in an unforgettable match against Leeds, back in 1929, when Vic managed no more than 6 goals, securing the final 8-2 score for his team. Even though it might seem unrealistic, Watson was transferred from Wellingborough in 1920, for a medical fee of only £50.

4. Geoff Hurst

While for the international world of football, Geoff Hurst is mostly known through his evolution during the World Cup England from 1966, for the true fans of West Ham United, Hurst will always be remembered as a legend. He is the only player to have ever come close to Watson’s record, with 249 goals scored in the League.

In 2004, Hurst was included in the prestigious Hall of Fame of English Football while on the long run he remains the only player to have ever scored a hat trick during a World Cup Final. Comparing the achievements from the older decades of football to modern times, one can only wonder where all that remarkable level went. Considering the fact that players at that time had no clubs, no Internet and no free slots games with bonus rounds no download available at all pace, it might make sense, yet it still remains a worrying fact.

3. Billy Bonds

Billy Bonds represented West Ham United for more than 2 decades, with an impressive record of 793 appearances. He was considered one of the grittiest and most determined players on the field, qualities that turned him into captain after Bobby Moor’s transfer to Fulham. One year later, he led West Ham in the finals against Fulham in the FA Cup, playing an essential part in his team’s victory.

2. Trevor Brooking

Trevor Brooking managed to win the FA Cup 2 times while playing for West Ham, in 1975 and 5 years later, in 1980. With over 528 appearances, Booking remains up to this point one of West Ham’s most dedicated and loyal players, refusing to flee the team even after the Hammers were relegated.

1. Bobby Moore

The Wembley Stadium, which can be considered the church of English Football, a statue of Bobby Moore stands proof to his remarkable achievements both for the West Ham Team as well as the entire English soccer scene in general.

During his 16 years long career along the Hammers, he was awarded numerous football distinctions, among which the Footballer of the Year FWA in 1964 and the Runner-Up Ballon D’Or in 1970.

Naturally, there are many more outstanding players that have given everything for the Hammers, yet throughout history, these 5 names will be remembered forever, both through their impressive achievements as well as through their indestructible spirit and loyalty to the team.