Since West Ham United had been announced as the preferred bidder for the Olympic Stadium the club personnel have put all their efforts into trying to stay in the Premier League.

Obviously the co-owners, players and supporters would love to see the club get out of its current predicament but, even if they were to go down this season, to be brutally honest it shouldn’t make a great deal a difference.

They have a further three campaigns to battle their way up to the top-flight again and, given what happened in May 2012, as long as they can keep the nucleus of the side together, who knows, it might happen again.

The 2-0 win at Cardiff gave the club the chance to record back-to-back wins at the weekend but the 3-1 defeat to Newcastle United set the current situation into doubt again. Co-owners David Gold and David Sullivan have continually reiterated that it would be a financial disaster if the Hammers were to drop into the Sky Bet Championship.

What they are thinking is, that if the worst were to materialise, then there will be less money to finish the full conversion for the stadium so they can be ready to move in when it comes to the 2016/17 campaign.

As they have always said, since taking over the club in January 2010, they will continue to put money into the club if need be – and as they are both supporters of the club, it is almost certain that sure they will continue to keep to their word.

When asked whether or not he and David Sullivan planned to take full control of the club in a fan’s forum in December of this year, David Gold responded by saying that they had bought 80% of the shares, which allowed them to have a controlling stake in the club – they wouldn’t need the last 20% to have full control.

This is why it is a good idea to hold evenings like this because, since Gold and Sullivan took over, they have really got the fans involved. Whilst most of the fanbase think it will be a brilliant era for the club, the co-owners have left the majority of the decisions to the club’s support in terms of what they would like to take with them from their current home and what they would like to see more of to emphasise the name of West Ham.

Vice chairman Karen Brady has continually reiterated that there will be stands named after two of the club legends in the stadium; Bobby Moore and Sir Trevor Brooking will be recognised in the move, but Gold firmly believes there should be more former players recognised, such as Billy Bonds, and so it has been decided that the fans should vote on which name it will be.

Hopefully, the managerial staff and the players can pull the situation round in the remainder of this season and stay up so that the club can focus on new targets for the season.

If we do manage to remain a Premier League team then they would have achieved their aim for this season, but the aim was actually to finish higher than they did last season.

The brief in the summer was to consolidate their place in the top division of English football, so the question is this; given that it is three campaigns before they leave Upton Park, why is it such a concern to all that are involved in the daily running of the club now? Plus, why not see what happens and think about the stadium closer to the time?