In recent years, West Ham United Football Club has emerged as a strong force in the English Premier League, challenging the traditional top-tier teams and making waves with their impressive performances. Led by an exceptional group of talented players, the Hammers have captured the attention of football enthusiasts worldwide.

In this article, we will delve into the five best West Ham players you need to know in 2023. These individuals have contributed significantly to the club’s success, showcasing their exceptional skills, versatility, and determination on the pitch.

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Top 5 West Ham players to know in 2023

DM Declan Rice

One of the brightest talents in English football, Declan Rice has cemented his place as a key figure in the West Ham lineup. As a defensive midfielder, Rice possesses exceptional tackling abilities, positional awareness, and strong leadership qualities. His composure and maturity on the field are beyond his years, making him an essential presence in both defensive and transitional phases of the game. Rice’s ability to break up opposition play and initiate attacks with his accurate passing have earned him accolades and attracted interest from other top clubs in Europe. His performances have also earned him regular appearances for the England national team.

AM Lucas Paquetá

Lucas Paquetá, the Brazilian attacking midfielder, joined West Ham United in 2021 and has since become a pivotal player for the team. His technical brilliance, vision, and creativity make him a constant threat in the attacking third. Paquetá’s ability to unlock defences with his incisive passes and his knack for scoring crucial goals have made him a fan favourite. Blessed with exceptional dribbling skills and agility, he seamlessly combines flair with a tireless work rate, contributing to both attacking moves and defensive duties. Paquetá’s performances have been instrumental in West Ham’s pursuit of success, both domestically and in European competitions.

RW Jarrod Bowen

Jarrod Bowen, a dynamic right winger, has made a significant impact on West Ham’s attacking play since joining the club in 2020. His blistering pace, intelligent movement off the ball, and clinical finishing make him a constant menace to opposing defences. Bowen’s ability to cut inside and unleash powerful shots or deliver precise crosses has resulted in numerous goals and assists. Additionally, his work rate and tenacity in tracking back to support the defence make him a well-rounded player. With his impressive performances, Bowen has not only become a crucial asset for West Ham but has also caught the attention of national team selectors.

LW Saïd Benrahma

Saïd Benrahma, the Algerian winger, arrived at West Ham in 2020 and has gradually established himself as a key player in the team. Known for his exceptional dribbling skills, close control, and ability to beat defenders, Benrahma adds flair and creativity to West Ham’s attacking play. Whether it’s delivering pinpoint crosses or scoring spectacular goals, his contributions have been vital to the team’s success. Benrahma’s versatility allows him to operate from various positions across the front line, making him a constant threat to opposition defences. His technical ability combined with his astute decision-making on the field makes him an exciting player to watch.

DM Tomás Soucek

Tomás Soucek, the Czech defensive midfielder, has been a revelation for West Ham since joining the club in 2020. His towering presence, aerial prowess, and tireless work rate make him a force to be reckoned with in midfield. Soucek’s ability to win aerial duels, intercept passes, and break up opposition play provide a solid foundation for West Ham’s defensive structure. Additionally, his goal-scoring instincts have been invaluable, contributing crucial goals from set-pieces and arriving late into the box. Soucek’s consistent performances have earned him widespread acclaim, establishing him as one of the Premier League’s finest defensive midfielders.


West Ham United’s rise as a formidable force in English football can be largely attributed to the contributions of these five exceptional players. Declan Rice, Lucas Paquetá, Jarrod Bowen, Saïd Benrahma, and Tomás Soucek have all played pivotal roles in the club’s recent success. Their skills, versatility, and determination on the field have made them invaluable assets to West Ham, while also earning recognition at the national level. As the 2023 season unfolds, football enthusiasts should keep a close eye on these players as they continue to elevate West Ham United’s status and push the boundaries of success in English football.

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