Does Scott Parker deserve legendary status?

For the majority of footballers it is a relatively short career. Well compared to the average working man anyway.

Very few achieve superstar status but a large percentage make a good living from the game. What is a legend? How does a player achieve this admirable and enviable status?

Do you have to play for a club for your entire career? Matt Le Tissier is a Saints Legend and a rarity in such an unscrupulous industry. Many times he had the chance to leave, but decided to stay.

Upton Park has a range of Legends, the most obvious being Bobby Moore. He is the pinnacle of the perfect footballing gentleman.

Many people will say “How can Scott Parker be a Legend already?” Well, for me, he is and this is why:

When he puts on the shirt, whether it was for Charlton, West Ham, Chelsea, Newcastle, Spurs or England, he crosses that white line and his bank balance is forgotten about. Money is not his motivation nor is fame  or superstar status. He is unique and authentic. A team player with a heart of gold and bags of tenacity.

He does not possess blistering pace or the skills of Lionel Messi. He is not even a prolific goal scorer. It would be a surprise if he hit double figures for a season.

In an age where players have a lot of bad press for cheating and diving, Parker rises to the top with his consistent determined performances. He simply never has a bad game. His heart is too big to be worn on his sleeve. He has endeared himself to every West Ham United fan and we all love him for what he gave us in such a short space of time.

Who else could’ve left to join Spurs without being hated? Nobody else, that is the answer. Spurs are the enemy of all enemies so for him to have joined them without any backlash just about sums the guy up!

England should’ve made him Captain for the Euro’s in my opinion. His middle name is inspiration and he potentially could’ve done a great job. Had Harry got the job I believe that would’ve happened.

There’s not really a bad word to say about him to be honest. Scott Parker is a dying breed and I don’t know anybody else who gives every last breath to the cause.

He is now nearing the end of a long and successful career. My question is: why did it take so long to become so good? Is it just the wisdom of age or the appreciation of life as a footballer?

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