So after all the pessimistic speculation surrounding the board’s demands placed upon a one-dimensional and quite frankly tired style of football, we’re all now being forced to sit back and admit we may have been wrong.

But it’s ok to now accept that maybe – just maybe – Sam Allardyce and his dinosaur reputation may just be evolving into a new age. And that’s just bloody exciting, isn’t it?

The form we are in at the moment, culminating in the performance at Hull and the ridiculously fantastic win over Liverpool, has got us all wondering whether David Sullivan’s calls for a top six finish might not be quite far off the mark as first thought. We all brushed his comments off with contempt. What on earth could he be drinking to make such comments and suggest we could achieve such greatness under Allardyce?

I know it’s a too early in the season to be holding our hands up and admitting defeat in this whole “we’re ambitious but stop being even more ambitious” battle with the owners.

But their demands are already reaping the rewards, as the below info graphic – courtesy of – shows. We’re improving and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Even the anti-Allardyce brigade which, I admit, includes me.

Fair play to the owners and fair play to Allardyce…

West Ham - Who Scored infographic