Dimitri Payet has been by far the best individual performer for us this season, but is he the best we have seen since the 06/07 Great Escape?

Carlos Tevez is a personal hero for me and I am sure that also applies the majority of West Ham fans. What he did for us will never be forgetten and he will always be known as the person who saved West Ham.

If it wasn’t for Carlos, we might not be where we are today. We are on the verge of an Olympic Stadium move and things are looking very bright. I feel we owe him our complete respect for what he did for us and no West Ham fan can speak badly of him.

In terms of what Tevez did for us by himself and the moments he created to keep us in the Premier League that season, Payet cannot compare to just yet as he has only played five games for us, and the quality of players he has around him are of a completely different standard.

The Frenchamn has looked like an excellent coup for the Hammers, only paying Marseille £10.7m to capture him, but will he be able to consistently perform throughout the season?

I personally think that if he stays fit and keeps getting the service he has been given so far, he will be one of the most creative, complete player this club has ever seen.

He is a player that could fit in at any top four club in the Premier League, so for him to be at West Ham is something special. He didn’t want to go to a top club, he wanted to become a fan favourite and show just what he can do.

Dimitri is definitely showing glimpses of Tevez in his game, as seen on Monday night against Newcastle. He doesn’t just excite everyone with his attacking play, he shows that he is willing to defend and put in the hard work for the team, just as Carlos did for us.

One thing I will say is that we were not able to hold onto Tevez after the excellent season he had, losing him to Manchester United the next season. If the board can keep onto him for the next season at the Olympic Stadium then I really do believe he will stay for many years and he will want to play a big part in the progression of the football club.

Payet I am sure is going to work wonders for us this season so I am confident that he will learn to love this football club and stay as a result of this. He seems to be fitting in really well and looks very happy to be at West Ham.

Can we make a conclusion on whether he is the best player since Carlos Tevez?

I personally think that we cannot judge him as of yet, but we’ll certainly have a much better idea nearer the end of the campaign.

As things stand Payet is not as good as Carlos Tevez but if he continues to do what he is doing over the entirety of the season, I will agree that he is the best we have had since the Argentinian.

Do you agree? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below…

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