West Ham United is a football club in London that offers college students and others alike with plenty of entertainment. However, there is a lot more to know about West Ham United than the fact that it provides a crowd with football entertainment.

Who Is West Ham?

West Ham is short for West Ham United F.C. It is a professional football club. It has been known as West Ham United since 118 years ago, in July of 1900. However, the club was founded in June of 1895, 123 years ago, during which time it was known as Thames Ironworks.

West Ham United was originally based in Stratford, East London, England. In 2016, though, the club moved to London Stadium. They also initially competed in the Western League and the Southern League but joined the Football League in 1919.

The football club is rather successful as well. West Ham United was promoted to the top flight in 1923. Additionally, they have one the FA cup a total of 3 times – once in 1964, once in 1975, and finally in 1980. They have also been runners-up for the prize twice in 1923 and 2006. The club also won the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1965 and were runners-up in 1976. Finally, they are one of only eight football clubs that haven’t fallen below the second tier of English football in their lifetime.

In short, if you go to see a game with West Ham United, you won’t be disappointed.

How Much Are Tickets?

When you are looking at ticket prices for West Ham, the prices vary based on a few factors. First, we will take a look at single game tickets.

For single-game tickets, you will need to look at where what seats that you want and what kind of tickets you need. For example, do you need accessibility tickets or basic adult tickets? At the lowest price, you can sit in Category C in with Claret Member discounted window prices. The lowest price here is an accessibility ticket for £12.50. The highest price with Claret Member cut costs is adult tickets for £75 in Category A.

If you are a non-member, your prices will be slightly higher. The lowest price for non-members is also the accessibility tickets in Category C, Band 5 for £17.50. The highest price you will pay for non-members is a Category A ticket at £80.

As we noted earlier, you can be a Claret Member with Ham United. You can also purchase season passes if you are interested in going to many or multiple games during a season. With a season pass, you will pay for a season ticket for a specific seat in the stadium, and you will only be able to use that season ticket for that seat. You can even use your season ticket to find better prices and earn Priority Points toward purchasing tickets for away games.

How Is West Ham Attracting College Students?

West Ham United depends on college students as part of their market demographics. They are encouraged to take advantage of their membership and season ticket prices, especially if they are attending a local college. As we all know attending the big games and other social events in college can leave you exhausted and without much desire to do anything.

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Those students undergoing their diploma programmes at West Ham United Academy have a good feel of what it is like to juggle their responsibilities while still meeting all their deadlines. Despite how difficult it might be sometimes to do so it is a rather rewarding feeling to know that you are able to enjoy the finer things in life while also keeping your GPA high.

To Sum Up

West Ham United has offered a lot of entertainment over the last century. It is because they provide not only the excitement of a game but the excitement of a crowd cheering for their team with the payoff of a win.