When betting on your beloved West Ham you want to find the best bookmaker sites in the UK. As betting is popular there has been a rise in new online bookmakers who are competing with the traditional big players in the market. On the surface this seems great but how do these new bookmakers measure up to the traditional online bookie?

In this post, we’ll be taking a deep dive into what to look for in an online bookmaker so you can decide whether to use it when betting on West Ham, or whether to move on to a different site.

Use More than One Bookmaker

It is good practice to have accounts on several bookmaker sites. Different sites have different odds and promotions can be quite different from one bookmaker site to the next. As such, using more than one site makes sense and should increase your returns. This is particularly true when the Hammers are in action in a cup match. Check all the promotions and odds offered in these matches to find the most lucrative.

The Basics

As a starting point ensure that the site is legal, licensed, and complies with all the necessary regulations. If it doesn’t the site should be avoided as it could be a scam. Thanks to the competition in the UK you should be able to find several legal sites where you can wager safe in the knowledge that should you win, you’ll get paid.

Payment Methods

When researching UK bookmakers pay attention to the payment options offered. The better sites will offer the full range of payment options including banking options, credit cards and PayPal. While you’re researching this aspect check to see how long it takes to receive a payout from winning.

The other important factor is minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts, and check to see if e-wallets such as PayPal are compatible with bonuses and offers.

If you’re happy with what you discover you may want to create an account.

Choose a Sports Book that Focuses on Football

Different UK bookmakers focus on different sports. So if you want to wager on the English Premier League, you should narrow down your research to pro footballing sports books. Sites that are geared towards a certain sport tend to offer different bets and will be more likely to offer live betting as they know the sport better. As such, when betting on West Ham you should get better deals as promotions and offers will also be more geared towards the sports fan mindset, so you’ll probably find you’ll get better promotions and odds.

Perfect for when the Irons beat Manchester City!

Promotions and Bonuses

Many UK bookmakers will offer you a welcome bonus of some kind. This is great and you may feel it is free money and in a sense it is.

However, ensure you check the wagering requirements which tend to be a multiplier of the bonus amount. To make a withdrawal from any winnings using the bonus, you have to wager that amount multiplied by the multiplier.

For example, you have a multiplier of 5 and your bonus is £30. You’ll have to wager £150 (£30×5) before you can make a withdrawal.

The bottom line is to ensure you can use a bonus or promotion before you use it.

Good luck with your hunt for good British bookmakers for better returns when betting on West Ham.

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