Kevin Nolan over his four seasons at the club has had many critiques.

Brought in and utilised consistently without fail by Big Sam, many have grown tired of the Scouser and now are looking at new talent to fill his spot. With Allardyce’s contract coming to an end at the close of this campaign, will the era of Allardyce and Nolan come to its final conclusion?

It isn’t far fetched to assume that if Big Sam leaves, Nolan may be shown the door also. Therefore, we should look for alternatives to fill his role. There has been a large amount of talk over Allardyce replacements, but many have forgotten about Nolan; who could also leave should a new man be in charge.

Nolan has been frustrating to say the least. Nevertheless, I do not feel we should forget the positive influence he has had on the club. He has been a great captain at times, and has provided a catalogue of important goals that have contributed to the position as a club we are in today.

However, with his age and evidently low fitness levels, I do believe that his time should be up at the club.

Therefore, without further ado… here are five men that could fill the West Ham’s captains shoes…

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