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West Ham World Podcast: Warning – this episode contains positivity

On our first show for two weeks, in which three games have been and gone, James Jones, Will Pugh and Johnny Burrow had lots...

Remembering Carlos Tevez’s lone year as a Hammer

Carlos Tevez only spent one single season at West Ham, yet in August 2018, he was listed as the club’s 36th greatest player of...

Manuel Pellegrini is doing all the right things in his first West Ham season

As first seasons go, Manuel Pellegrini’s debut campaign as manager of West Ham United has been fair to middling. In today’s managerial climate, in which...

West Ham World Podcast: Mark Noble, London Stadium improvements and Fulham Preview

Mark Noble's goal against Crystal Palace recently led to the club celebrating the fact he's now scored in 13 consecutive seasons at the club. That's...

Why haven’t there been more Jonathan Spector’s?

It's not unusual for a Premier League team to sign a player from another European country. After all, there are many talented footballers across...



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