It emerged on Thursday that we had made an ambitious £20million approach for Celtic striker Moussa Dembele, via West Ham’s infamous Insider Column.

Since then it has been reported that Celtic have no intention of selling for the price, and MailOnline even think they’ve come back said we’ll need to stump up a whopping £30m to the youngster off their hands.

It seems very unlikely that’d it would happen this month, but you probably can’t rule out another approach for him in the summer.

The big debate since the rumours began, though, is whether Dembele is worth the £20m+ fee being touted. He has netted 19 goals in all competitions for Celtic this season, including in the Champions League, but spending that kind of money on a youngster always comes with a risk.

However, some fans even think we should pay whatever it takes to sign the 20-year-old because he really is that good. So many huge clubs will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on his progress in Celtic, which further boosts the argument for us signing him.

Would he turn down a move? It’s unlikely given the Premier League is much bigger platform for him to showcase his ability to the world’s biggest clubs. That’s not to say he would use West Ham as a stepping stone as such, but it would give him a better chance of reaching the top if his development continues.

Celtic obviously don’t want to sell and a deal this month is extremely unlikely, if not impossible, but do you think paying £20m+ for him represents good business?

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