With the way this transfer window is going for the Hammers, all of our attempts at signing anyone up front now smacks of desperation.

You could argue that the Board should have had this all wrapped up by now and we should only be looking to add a name here or there, but the major signings should already be in place.

However, if you believe what you read, there is a whole lot more to it than we think. Loan signings for instance aren’t free, and many fans think that they are.

Clubs are holding onto players just in case they do or don’t sell another of their players. If you show interest in a player, sometimes that club hikes up the asking price to either deter the approaching team or to get more money out of them, and so it seems to go on and on and makes all of the negotiating process very long winded and precarious.

When Mr Sullivan says he’s working all the hours, I tend to believe that’s the case. With Juventus seemingly pulling the plug on Simone Zaza, someone we hadn’t heard of until a few days ago and Jiminez finding an alarm clock to get him up in time to head to Portugal, we have been unlucky on those occasions, when it appears that an awful lot of work went into getting as far as we did.

So, whilst there are still names on the West Ham list and a couple of good ones too, we are once again linked with Adebayor. The name, even the sound of the name draws a sigh from most of us.

Spurs are so desperate to get rid of him, that even Levy is talking to us. Must be bad. They are even agreeing to pay some of his wages, and all of this tells you something.

In my last article, I mentioned basement type no hopers and that’s where we are here. There’s no room at the inn at Spurs, Villa are too far for him to travel or relocate to and I don’t see too many clubs here or abroad queueing up for his services.

He wants to stay in London, we are the only London team even vaguely interested and desperate enough and so he, also being desperate enough, will sign with us.

Is this good for either party? Probably not on the face of it, but if he really, really sees this as his last chance saloon, maybe, just maybe, his attitude will be right, he will re-gain some confidence and under the Bilic s style of no-nonsense leadership, might do us a favour.

When you consider his stats, they look decent enough. For his country, Togo, he’s played 63 times and scored 29 goals, whilst in the Premier League his appearances total 225 with 122 goals.

Bearing in mind it wasn’t so long ago that Manchester City paid £25m for his services and you can see that he is a decent footballer, but one that has lost his way at White Hart Lane.

His pedigree is synonymous with a decent goal scoring record, but the stories surrounding him, his lack of game time and attitude at Spurs are what sticks in our minds and makes us wary and negative towards him.

If he does come to us and it seems as though, if we want a forward in time for Saturday and we do and he seems the most likely option, then we will need to get behind him, Bilic will need to really man manage him and shake him up because West Ham will not be a free ride for him.

As it stands, we need a forward now. We know Valencia, Carroll and Zarate will be back in due course, but we need someone today. Lee will be one for the future and Maiga is on his way after a poor showing in his time with us, but there are still other exciting names on an ever shortening list and I hope that at least one of them, possibly Moussa Sow or Burak Yilmaz will find their way to Upton Park.

Adebayor – good or bad? He could be the surprise of the season…

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