That was a fantastic result, even if it was against a below par Blackburn Rovers, a club previously managed by Big Sam, who in fact would have wished for him to stay considering their position in the bottom half of the second tier.

This weekend we see Big Sam’s first return to the club since leaving in the summer, this time as the opposing manager for relegation fighting Sunderland.

Sunderland have been much like Aston Villa in the past few seasons, where they have been around the relegation battle and this year they seem to have flirted with the minger at the ba , which they could be taking home and instantly regretting. (We’ve all been there).

Since Sam’s appointment a few months ago, Sunderland have found a new lease of life and they’re actually starting performing for their paying fans, but is it ANY different to what we saw at West Ham? No… it’s actually the same.

Grinding out results with no flair, no thought and high pressure in the box for teams to make a mistake. Will they be successful against a much improved side built off Sam’s foundations? I very much doubt it.

They are without our Achilles heal – Steven Fletcher. He always manages to grab a goal against us! They also have ex-Hammer Jermain Defoe, who has been there main threat in front of gaol – who would of thought Sam would have relied on a 5ft 7″ striker?

So Big Sam returns ,and the question I have to ask you is: “Will you clap Big Sam when he comes back?”

I can see why many people wouldn’t clap, but in my honest opinion, I just can’t ignore what he did for our club, to get us back in the Premier League, keep us there and leave it in the hands of Slaven.

So Mr. Allardyce, I hope you hear my clap this weekend, because I look at where our team are today, it doesn’t happen over night. Sam’s era was the start of a process which will lead us to success in a new home. I think we were lucky to have that and for it to go to plan, even if it wasn’t pretty.

So Hammers fans, let’s be the bigger person and show some respect to the man. If we boo, we’re only letting ourselves down and treating a football game like a pantomime.

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