A fantastic event happened last night , West Ham played their last ever game at the Boleyn Ground.

112 years of playing at Upton Park is now a thing of the past as the 2015/16 squad defeated Manchester United 3-2, with Winston Reid scoring the winner and last ever goal at the stadium.

I, like many other Hammers fans, who did not have the opportunity to join in the celebrations in and around the Boleyn Ground, kept up with the events on social media and watched the game on Sky Sports.

Seeing what happened before the game has marred our history making day – a day where Hammers fans turned up in their thousands as if they were celebrating an open top bus parade of an FA Cup win back in the 80s.

A West Ham festival spoiled by many pre-game actions – poor underestimated police crowd control outside the stadium led to traffic being left to a stand still causing both team busses stranded outside the Boleyn pub.

Man United’s team bus was sadly attacked by bottles smashing the windows and although the United players took it with a sense of humour, they had to lay down low thanks to a video posted by Jesse Lingard.

Reports say that it cannot be proven that West Ham fans did throw the missiles and that the club are only responsible for fans within their land ownership. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the entire area was packed with West Ham fans, enjoying the day by having a few beers and reminiscing about the club they love deeply.

West Ham United v Manchester United - Barclays Premier League

But there were a small handful of thugs who decided to to take stupid actions into their own hands. This morning’s papers should be taking about West Hams performance on the pitch, but instead we have terrible images of the criminal damage.

It’s safe to say that anyone who did wear claret and blue are not associated with such behaviour – people are not that stupid, are they? I feel the people that should be searched are those who wear non-club affiliated colours.

Investigations of the incident have started with immediate effect and the culprits will be dealt with. If it is West Ham fans then everything we’ve worked for in the past six years to put us on a platform to success will be all for nothing in our first season at our new 60,000-seater home.

Just imagine the consequences for the owners, the players, the staff and the innocent fans – we will all feel the punishment by the FA and the Premier League. Punishments, such as the first league game at the Olympic Stadium being played behind closed doors, a points deduction and a heavy fine, which will be paid from our fantastic owners. Money that could be used to invest in the team.

So here’s to you – the shameful West Ham fans who thought it was funny to throw bottles at the opposition bus – you’re a disgrace and you should be banned for life. Why should you spoil it for the entire club? I certainly shouldn’t be punished for seeing my club pegged back in any way shape of form.

The club are going in the right direction and actions like last night before the game prove that some people still live in the past.

It is highly urged that anyone who was around the area at the time and witnessed the events should immediately report it to the local police and the club to quickly act. If you took videos & images then please submit them.

Everyone should be talking about the game, the atmosphere and the show after the game – not the criminality.

It’s such a shame that so few can spoil so much for so many.

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