I’m not one for reacting to negative comments about West Ham from other fans in such a manner, but a certain video was brought to my attention today which I just couldn’t ignore.

A Manchester United fan under the Twitter alias @MUFCLondon posted a video on YouTube questioning West Ham’s fans’ appeal for the return of the ‘West Ham way.’

He goes on to say that we have an “over-inflated opinion of our own greatness” and that we are “regularly relegated.” Both statements of which are completely inaccurate.

Apparently we are not allowed to have a sense of pride at producing the greatest player England has ever had in Bobby Moore and that Sam Allardyce is the level of manager that we always going to have.

The lack of research and sheer ignorance of the man is quite embarrassing, although it’s not really surprising coming from a United fan from London, is it?

The ‘West Ham way’ is a thing of the past, but it is part of our history. Fans of the club have every right to demand a better brand of football than what they are currently paying to watch, which is also something this Cockney Red is clearly unable to grasp.

Given that in his lifetime, all he has witnessed is glory, it’s little wonder he is so ignorant to another clubs’ fans who take pride in the traditions and successes of yesteryear.

Although that could change pretty soon if David Moyes continues dragging United back down to the level at which United used to be many years ago, Or perhaps he’ll switch to being a City fan, which is more likely, I reckon.

Have a watch of the video below and let us know what you think…

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