Many things have gone on since my last article.

Especially in midfield where the additions of Payet, Samuelsen and Lanzini, and the possibility of signing Halilovic and Song very soon, give great abundance to our midfield.

However, we only get to field 11 players so we need to see what’s going to be the best move for us this season.

Therefore, here is my choice for this season’s Hammers midfield:


The reason I love the look of this midfield is that it provides a very balanced level of attack and defence so it will be beneficial on all accounts, and will hopefully help both add to the tally of goals we get and the number of clean sheets.

Although unproven just yet, the quality of Obiang, Payet and Lanzini has clearly been well documented and I think that this midfield is the best we have.

I think that this is proof that the new signings are going to have an important influence in the team this season, with all being credited with vital qualities that will help improve the squad’s all-round performance.

You may recognise a number of noticeable absences, especially the likes of Noble, who is a great ambassador for the club, but has proven to be slack recently when it comes to his quality on the pitch.

I would like to see more of Diego Poyet as he is a very energetic and exciting looking player, as is Martin Samuelsen, so maybe they can swap with Obiang and Lanzini respectively.

These guys will be having a definite say in cup competitions so as to engage the wide range of talent in our academy.

With the imminent arrivals of Song and Halilovic, it looks certain that this will be a severely crowded midfield.

However, it is a pleasure we have not had for a very long time and our recent history has proven that the calibre of players we have had in the midfield positions has been lacklustre.

I hope Slaven Bilic knows who he will choose definitively because uncertainty over certain situations in a squad can cause an unsettled atmosphere.

So hopefully, if there are too many options to choose from, he makes it clear from the start how he will field his side and try to incorporate youth as well as quality in his choosing.