These are frustrating days for the Hammers and their fans, but, surprisingly, bookmakers don’t appear to be writing off West Ham United just yet.

Well, with regards to relegation that is; obviously, with betting odds in the range 2001.00 to win the title we can safely assume the Hammers are written out of the title frame. It would seem, six other clubs are favoured above the Hammers for the drop. I’ll say…

Relegation is still well on the cards, make no mistake about it. But with six teams favoured above West Ham United for the drop, it’s maybe a soupçon of hope Hammers’ fans can hang on to given the way things are going these days.

As it is, the Hammers are priced at 9.00 across the sports betting exchange to slip into Championship football next season – which would be a minor disaster. Imagine the impressive confines of the London Stadium hosting second-tier football. It doesn’t bear thinking of. But let’s not digress…

The latest 3-2 derby defeat to Tottenham. The post-mortem on the loss at White Hart Lane is by all accounts grim, conclusive and definitely unpleasant reading: managerial mistakes in the second half, moving from a 3-5-2 formation to a 5-4-1 formation, coupled with some ill-advised substitutions cost Hammers what would have been the deserved victory. Imagine what the view from higher up the table would have been like, the wiggle room for optimism those cushier digs would have afforded ahead of a congested schedule in the lead up to the Christmas Break.

No sense in crying over spilled milk. Oh, incidentally, just saying, Slaven Bilic is priced at tempting 15.00 football odds for the sack this season…watch this space…

There’s no sugar-coating it: West Ham’s campaign hangs by a thread after 13 rounds of Premier League action with a woeful 3-2-8 mark and 11 measly points But in the race to get to second-tier obscurity Hull City leads the charge.

The Tigers lead this market at 1.40, followed closely by the Black Cats at 1.53 and Swans at 1.91. Burnley (2.1), Middlesbrough (5.50) and Crystal Palace (8.50) are also in the relegation quagmire and priced shorter than West Ham United across football betting platforms, despite all three ranking higher in the table.

Perhaps, then, all is not lost yet. Keep heart.