Andy Carroll’s latest injury scare hasn’t exactly come as a surprise.

Given his injury record, we all kind of knew deep down that another spell on the sidelines was imminent given his recent run of form.

There’s no indication as to how long he’ll be out for. He may make an appearance at home to Manchester United at home, although there are fans all over that are quite looking forward to seeing the return of the Sakho-Valencia partnership.

But Sam Allardyce has strangely come to the defence of Carroll, and he claims the only reason Carroll gets injured is because he’s so enthusiastic and brave on the football field.

We had someone at Allardyce’s press conference yesterday, and he said: “I think it is one of those things for Andy.

“I think sometimes Andy is too brave. Because of that bravery he doesn’t see danger and so puts himself in there and gets injured.

“From experience you have to start working those ones out, those that you can go for but those that you won’t get there and maybe get injured.

“Andy’s natural instinct as a footballer is to go for the ball and you have tendencies as a certain player and he is all guns blazing and just looks at the ball and goes for it, which can be dangerous.”

But Allardyce did hint that he could have all our injured players back in time for the visit of Man United.

“I don’t think it will be too long, we haven’t given up hope for all of these players for Sunday but if we get two or three of those fit we would be delighted,” he admitted.

Andy Carroll’s career injury record

Andy Carroll injury record

As you can see from the image above, Carroll has been injured for an unbelievable total of 408 days since he initially signed for West Ham on loan – missing 52 games. That doesn’t include his latest set back.

FIFTY TWO GAMES. FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHT DAYS. You’d think Carroll would’ve had enough time to learn how to control his bravery and enthusiasm to avoid injury on the pitch, wouldn’t you?

It’s a frustrating statistic because we all know how unplayable Andy can be on his day. But if Allardyce is right about why Carroll has a tendency to get injured, you wonder why the player has learnt his lesson by now.

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