There aren’t many things in football quite as brilliant as Adrian’s shootout winning penalty last night.

The Spaniard didn’t just score the penalty to put an end to what has to be one of the most action packed and emotionally draining FA Cup ties the club has been involved in since the final in 2006, he also did it in complete style, oozing class and confidence as he ripped his gloves off during the run up before smashing it past Everton’s Joel Robles. “This ends now!” And it did. In style.

If he wasn’t already becoming a cult hero at the club for his relationship with the fans and his clear passion for the Hammers, then his heroics last night will have undoubtedly ensured he will be remembered for many, many years to come.

It’s the whole ‘gloves off’ thing that transformed it from being just a winning penalty to one of the biggest talking points of the season so far. Football fans all over have been talking about it ever since. Fans of other clubs – rival clubs, in fact – have been praising Adrian’s confidence. His audacity. His class. His “badass” technique.

It was all of the above and more. It was perfect in every single way possible. Looking back at the way it happened, even the most imaginative of script writers would’ve struggled to come up with an ending like that. That’s how good it was.

So here’s just a small snippet of the reaction to Adrian’s ‘gloves off’ penalty against Everton on social media. What a guy.

And on Reddit, fans of clubs all over stopped and recognised Adrian’s heroics. Even the Tottenham fans had no option other than to hold their hands up at the Spaniard’s confidence…

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Here’s Adrian’s post match interview. Just look how chuffed he is…