It doesn’t feel like that long since the Premier League finished with that glorious win at Watford, but fans are already less than a week away from discovering the fixture list for next season.

The club asked who supporters would like to see the club come up against with this tweet:

Many claim that who a club plays at certain times of a season doesn’t matter, but West Ham showed that to be untrue this season.

Having struggled at the start, partly because of the tough fixtures at the beginning, Pellegrini already had people questioning his position after just four games – and it would arguably have seen the club in a very different position to the one they are in now had the club acted at the time.

With that in mind, Hammers fans will be hoping for a bit of a kinder start to the upcoming campaign, though not all of them are convinced this will be the case.

Teams many Hammers fans will likely be specifically looking out for include Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Sheffield United and any of the other London clubs.

A selection of Twitter reaction to the upcoming fixture list release, including posts from pessimistic West Ham fans, can be seen below: