Ravel Morrison has finally left the club to join Italian side Lazio on a four-year deal.

He’s signed a pre-contract agreement and will officially join them at the end of the season – and there are a lot West Ham fans who appear to be delighted with the news.

After so much early promise, Ravel quickly became a complete waste of time at the club. Getting pictured in Arsenal shirts, allegedly threatening to thrown acid in his ex-girlfriend’s face… it just become a never ending stream of bad news.

So it’s no surprise that the club eventually washed their hands of him and told him to find another club.

It still remains a mystery as to why a club like Lazio have taken a gamble on him when you consider all the issues he’s caused both us and Man United.

But it’s done and there seems to be a general sense of relief amongst West Ham fans, while some neutrals are both confused and fairly excited at the move…

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