“We’ve got Payet, Dimitri Payet…”

We all know the song. It’s unbelievably catchy and I often mind myself singing it to myself several times each day. It’s so good, that it’s become one of the most popular terrace chants in the country with fans of other clubs acknowledging it’s perfection.

But today it emerged that Arsenal fans have take the same tune and replaced Dimitri Payet’s name with Mesut Ozil’s.

This has led to hundreds of West Ham fans on Twitter going absolutely ape at the Gunners fans, and were also absolutely outraged at one website for reporting on the song and supposedly believing its never been done before.

They’re wrong, of course, but there seems to be a lot of disgust surrounding the fact Arsenal fans are singing the same song as us and also that some websites are reporting it as unique episode.

If I’m honest, the reaction has been pretty ridiculous. It’s only a song! But here are a number of West Ham fans who are aren’t very happy about the whole thing…

Oh, and the replies to this tweet really are quite embarrassing. Some people need to grow up…

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  1. Kanuyte wooohhhh, kanuyte wooohhhh, he comes from sen-a-gal, he’s classy on the ball!….. Kanuyte wooohhh!!! Arsenal numptys make you’re own songs up, zidane’s French like Payet and Ozil is German, the lemons really don’t get it!!!!

  2. Sad, that’s all West Ham had left. Hard to sing about players from the 60’s nobody saw play.

    BTW, Jenks is coming home now.

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