It’s looking increasingly likely that the Hammers are coming to the end of their search for a new manager.

Despite the club apparently holding talks with Unai Emery over the last few days – though reports suggest those talks have never happened – it’s now thought the club are edging closer to appointing Slaven Bilic as manager.

That’s if the ever-reliable @ExWHUemployee bang on once again. He hasn’t said as much, but after reporting that the board are now “back to square one” in their search for a new boss and that they “intend to speed up the appointment,” it’s not hard to come to the conclusion that Bilic will be our guy.

Bilic has said he wants the job and is reportedly waiting for your call, which means being back to square one is essentially Bilic returning as the man most likely to take the job.

And then if that wasn’t enough, @ExWHUemployee then tweet about his phone’s auto-predictive text, hinting that he’ll be tweeting Slaven’s name a lot more in the future.

Read in to that what you will, but for us that’s a pretty surefire way of saying Slaven Bilic will be will West Ham’s new manager…

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  1. I doubt we were ever in for a big manager. It’s the board’s way of saying hey we tried but we failed. Just so we think they are trying to get us big names.

  2. I’d hoped it would be. never wanted Benitez & the rest seem a little too much of the unknown.

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