Ah David Gold, what would we ever do without him?

The great man has developed something of reputation for being a bit of a rogue Twitter user, having a pop at rival fans, partaking in his fair share of dodgy banter and giving us all some much needed updates on the club.

It’s his Twitter gaffes, though, that get the most attention. Gold has suffered a fair few of them, but he tends to make up for them with some Twitter Gold (excuse the pun) every now and again.

This evening’s instalment has to be one of his best, though.

Remember Benni McCarthy? Yeah, that overweight excuse of a striker who, believe it or not, used to bang in goals for fun at Porto?

And remember when he had a pop at our Karren Brady after he left the club, labelling her ‘The Devil with tits’ and that ‘women and football don’t mix’?

Well big Dave’s reignited that war of words with the following comment…


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