Our highest ever Premier League finish was 5th place in 1998/99 season where we gained 57 points, which enabled us to enter the Intertoto Cup to still qualify for the UEFA cup.

We have never achieved more than 60 points in the Premier League! The last time we achieved 60+ points in the highest division in the country was the boys of 86’ 1985/86 season!

I’m 30 years old this December and I have NEVER seen West Ham get 60+ points in the Premier League!

If we keep up the average this season in the remaining seven games, it will be a record breaking season!

Based on our current results this year (WHU Results – BBC) here are the averages of our points tally this season so far.

  • We’ve played 16 away games and achieved 24 points – an average of 1.5 points per game
  • We’ve played 15 home games and achieved 27 points – an average of 1.8 points per game
  • Total average of 1.65 points per game over 31 league games

We have four home games and three away games left this season so, based on average points per game, here is the points we should achieve:

Arsenal (H) – 1.8
Leicester (A) – 1.5
Watford (H) – 1.8
West Brom (A) – 1.5
Swansea (H) – 1.8
Man Utd (H) – 1.8
Stoke (A) – 1.5

Total home points gained – 7.2
Total away points gained – 4.5
TOTAL – 11.7 (lets round it up to 12)

That would give us a total final tally of 63 points (a season average of 1.66 points per game).

Based on the past few seasons here is where 63points could finish in the table

14/15 – Liverpool (6th, 62 pts), Tottenham (5th, 64 pts)
13/14 – Tottenham (7th, 64 pts)
12/13 – Everton (6th, 63pts)
11/12 – Chelsea (6th, 64 pts), Newcastle (5th, 65pts)
10/11 – Tottenham (5th, 62pts)

Do you think that this is a fair amount of points we can get in our last seven games? Is 63 Points enough for European football?

From the available 21 points on offer how many do you think we can achieve?

Let us know your thoughts!

Keep the Faith – Come on you Irons!

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