Video: Does this sum up West Ham’s move to London Stadium so far?


It’s fair to say our move to London Stadium hasn’t gone to plan so far.

From major stewarding issues, to fans pathetically fighting each other to sub-standard performances on the pitch, the era we were all sold hasn’t gotten off to the best of starts.

However, no one can deny that this shiny new era has bags of potential, it’s just the big issues need to be sorted out before the club can really start moving on with becoming a true force in the Premier League.

None of us really wanted to leave the Boleyn Ground but equally, the move has allowed us the chance to really push on as a club and begin competing at a higher level. It was an exciting prospect, it just needs time to work.

Some fans have been so upset with the way this season has gone so far that they are threatening to never return, which is their own prerogative, while others are willing to give it some more time before really passing such serious judgement on the future.

The superb guys over at Copa90 have put together a video (below) that perfectly encapsulates the general feeling amongst West Ham fans since the move. They’re not happy at the moment but realise that it’s still pretty fresh and needs time to work, which is right.

Remember, the club is still West Ham United and it’s still the exact same club we all fell in love with, it’s just going through a bit of an identity crisis at the moment and it needs the fans to help guide it in the right direction…

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