We’re just months away from beginning a new era.

A new stadium, a new crest, a new future.

Much has been made of all the changes we’re about to experience at the club. From the big Olympic Stadium debate to the pros and cons of changing our historic crest to something more modern and in line with the vision the owners have for the club’s exciting future.

They settled for a crest change that split opinion amongst the Hammers faithful. A lot of fans would’ve rather we stuck with what we’re all used to instead of going through such a drastic change, while others supported the change and understood the reasons behind them.

Eventually we’ll get used to it, as we will get used to life away from the Boleyn Ground and instead moving forward a new shiny home in Stratford.

But regardless of your feelings about the new crest change, the video below will make you feel proud of our club and its history. It will make you fall in love with the new crest, as well as understand the decision made behind the new design.

If you didn’t already love the new design, you will now…

West Ham United FC Badge reveal from Kube on Vimeo

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  1. It might be something to do with the fact that West Ham is in London. It is about the club not the fans. If it was about the fans – they would rename Manchester United to London United after their fans

  2. Mickey Mouse – what’s with the London? most supporters now live in the South East – and “united” why’s that smaller?

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