It doesn’t matter how long you’ve supported West Ham, expecting the worst is one of the first things you learn. It’s ingrained in us as West Ham supporters.

So when we drew Andorra minnows FC Lusitans in the Europa League this afternoon the reaction was so typically West Ham. Our opponents’ ground has a capacity of just 899 and they were only formed in 1999, which means most of our fans are older than the club itself.

Apparently the average age of their squad is over 35 and they conceded over 30 goals in each of their last four appearances in the Europa League first qualifying round.

So we really shouldn’t have any trouble advancing to the second qualifying round and we should be expecting us to do it comprehensively. Goals goals goals is exactly what we should be expecting because, quite simply, FC Lusitans’ previous opponents at this stage have absolutely battered them, and they’re regarded as minnows themselves. I saw one fan describe the meeting on Twitter as the equivalent of Germany playing San Marino

But, in true West Ham fashion, many fans reacted to the draw with pessimism. Because that’s all we know, isn’t it?

And let’s face it, we’re all fearing humiliation. Even though the chances of it happening are very, very slim…

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