Regardless of whether you’re a fan of our new crest or not, our kit designs for next season are arguably the most anticipated in the club’s history.

As it’ll be our first season in the Olympic Stadium, fans are going to want something iconic and as equally beautiful to ensure we kick-start our new era off by looking as smart as ever.

It’s probably a bit premature for leaked kits to be doing the rounds ahead of the summer and next season, but a very talented chap on Twitter has taken it upon himself to put together a couple of home and away concepts for our 16/17 kit designs – and they’re absolutely stunning.

The Twitter using, going under the name of @Dxmbele, shared his concepts last night and this morning and it appears a lot of fans have given them the big thumbs up.

With a mixture of retro, history and sheer beauty, we can only hope Umbro and the club produce something similar this summer.

Take a look at them below and let us know what you think via the comments section…

West Ham Home Concept 16/17

(Credit: @Dxmbele)

West Ham Away Concept 16/17

(Credit: @Dxmbele)
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