Bringing Carl Jenkinson back for another season was one our main priorities in the summer.

But it’s fair to say he’s not exactly enjoyed the best of seasons so far, and has rarely put in the kind of performances that impressed us so much last season.

But during his absence against Arsenal on the opening day and then his suspension following his red card against Bournemouth, we saw an unlikely suitor to the right-back position.

James Tomkins has been a great servant of the club over the years, mostly as a centre back. But in the times he’s filled in at right-back he has been superb, making that position his own.

And following an article we ran earlier this week, which questioned what our best defensive combination is, we noticed lots of fans tweeting us their preferred back line. And there was an interesting omission from almost all of them.

Carl Jenkinson.

Instead, it was Tomkins’ name that popped up. So we decided to run a poll on Twitter to find out exactly who the fans would rather see at right back.

And it appears it’s true. Tomkins is the fans’ first choice right-back…

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  1. Absolutely. Tomkins of one of us; Jenkinson took the Arsenal shilling and then came on loan, when he could have put his foot down and insisted on a permanent move if he really loves West Ham so much.

  2. Not sure if tonka is the long term answer at fullback to be honest,

    And I have a sneaky feeling that it’s not his eye catching displays in this position that have won him the pole over jenks but the fact he cannot cause half as much damage at fullback than he is currently causing at centre half!

    Talking of jenks, I personally believe his poor form this season is “karma”.
    after knowing how much we wanted him to permanently sign for us in the summer, he cynically chose to sign a new bumper deal at the arse before coming back on loan. While all the time professing his undying love for all things West Ham.

    Under these circumstances I feel tonka is an adequate stand in untill we sign a permanent replacement. Jenks can go back to be third in line at the arse.

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