Fans of all clubs have had their say about some of the Football Association’s decision making recently, most of which have been angered by their ongoing inconsistency and incompetence.

But to say the governing body is not currently in West Ham’s good books would be an understatement after their handling of the ‘Andy Carroll’ saga at the beginning of the month.

But have they gone one step further with their latest cock-up?

The FA’s official Twitter account got the date of Bobby Moore’s passing wrong by a whole two days when they tweeted a link to a feature on the great man on Wednesday afternoon. The tweet has since been deleted, but surely that’s completely unacceptable?

It’s only social media, I know, but if they can’t get some as simple but important like that right, what hope have we got for them as the governing body of our great sport?

Hang your heads, FA. Hang your heads.