West Ham’s fanbase is widespread and often commended despite hardship on the pitch.

Although our football is often under par, West Ham fans are renowned for their passion and loudness. And we have our fair share of famous followers too with a long list of A-list celebrity Hammers.

I will list my top 10 here but, before doing so, I must mention a sparkling list of those who narrowly missed out; Phil Jupitus, Lennox Lewis, John Cleese, David Essex, Dave Grohl and Frank Bruno are just a handful of famous West Ham supporters that fall short of my top 10.

10. Danny Dyer


The born and bred East London actor Danny Dyer is a well-known West Ham fan. The deep-voiced cockney admitted that our late FA Cup heartbreak in 2006 ‘hurt’ him.

9. Ray Winstone


Ray Winstone is another distinguished cockney actor that supports West Ham. In 2009, he helped promote our new SBOBET home kit.

8. Alfred Hitchcock

The world-famous late film director Sir Alfred Hitchcock was born in East London. Nicknamed the ‘master of suspense’, Hitchcock used to request English newspapers be sent to him in Hollywood so that he could keep his tabs on the Hammers’ progress.

7. Pixie Lott

Singer Pixie Lott was raised in Essex and revealed her adoration for West Ham in 2014 when she sported a West Ham home kit with ‘Pixie’ on the back on BT Sport.

6. James Corden

Actor and comedian James Corden’s love for West Ham is widely known and the 36 year-old even had part of his stag do at Upton Park. The presenter of A League of Their Own was also a regular at home games before his move to the United States.

5. Russell Brand

Russell Brand is usually amongst the first names to pop into people’s minds when asked to name a famous Hammer. The comedian/actor interrupted Sam Allardyce’s live interview after this season’s victory over Manchester City and planted a kiss on the gaffer’s cheek.

4. Keira Knightley

Entering extremely famous territory now and it is true that A-list actress Keira Knightley supports West Ham. She recently discussed with fellow fan Seth Meyers – a US chat show host – all things West Ham, including ‘Forever Blowing Bubbles’ and our great start to the season.

3. Matt Damon

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Matt Damon is yet another illustrious name associated with the Hammers. The actor, who is the star of the Bourne trilogy, revealed that he is not a fan of supporting successful teams for the sake of it so he opted for West Ham rather than Manchester United. He also added that he tries to get to a game every time he visits England.

2. The Queen

Rumours from inside the palace seem to suggest that the Queen is a Hammer! We might have to share Her Royal Majesty with Arsenal, though, as she has also expressed fondness for our North London counterparts.

1. Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama, speaking of r
Number one on our list is only the most powerful man on the planet currently. Yes, Barack Obama, President of the United States of America supposedly fell in love with the Hammers when visiting his half-sister in 2003, who lives in East London and has supported West Ham ever since.