Is Jordan Spence the right man to fill the void at right-back?

It’s been an interesting pre-season so far, not very successful but it has highlighted key areas in which West Ham need to strengthen. We have signed several players to fill some positions and I’m sure big Sam is on the prowl for more, however one area I am slightly worried about is the position of right-back.

Joey O’Brien and Guy Demel both signed for us last season and I am still not convinced. O’Brien is a solid player and is a valuable squad member but I am personally not too keen on Demel. I’m not saying he’s a bad player but, from what I’ve seen, he just looks sluggish and lacks pace. This might be due to the fact that he was injured and missed the majority of chances he had to play for the club.

I prefer O’Brien to Demel but, everyone has their own opinion. I just feel that neither player are Premier League standard.

In a pre-season game at Southend, it was 22-year-old Jordan Spence starting at right back and, I must say, I was impressed. Now I know that the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal are in a different league to Southend but, Spence’s attributes and talent shone through in an amazing performance.

He possesses the pace both Demel and O’Brien lack and he looked hungry to impress the fleet of travelling fans. For me, Spence did everything right and even managed to score a cracking goal.

It seems as if Allardyce is reluctant to play young players, though. Even after an amazing debut, Dan Potts was hidden away and taken out of the starting line up when George McCartney returned.

I have always believed in the saying “If you are good enough you are old enough” and, at 22 years of age, I believe Spence is old enough to be given his chance. What would football be like if young players didn’t get a chance?

Well, there would be no one playing. We have O’Brien and we have Demel but my wildcard for the position of right-back is Jordan Spence. Possessing all of the necessary attributes a right back must have and looking hungry to play there isn’t much need to look elsewhere.

Give youth a chance and we could go further than we ever have done before, overlooking the young talent would in my opinion be a very bad idea.