Well last night went to plan…

Words cannot describe what happened last night, there were no excuses from our team selection except losing their focus on a must win game. Last nights games was a do or die match, one that should of given us the opportunity to be on the higher platform to attract a higher calibre of player.

I’m so frustrated with the squad at the minute and a loan deal with a view to a permanent deal for Zaza is worrying times. Why are we committing to fees we clearly don’t have? Who’s to say Zaza is worth the reported £26m fee? I don’t think he is, I feel he is worth far less than that.

However, due to the huge inflation of TV revenue this season and six days left in the transfer window, we as a club are struggling to compete and the signings are becoming desperate. Why are we getting players in on loan?

With the exception of Lanzini, all our loan deals have been poor, Tore is slightly showing his true colours by not having any defensive work rate in recent games, Calleri has been considered the next Lionel Messi when, in fact, he definitely isn’t. The free transfers of Nordtviet and Feghouli, who showed much promise a couple of weeks back, not really performing or being fit.

Transfer activity should have been done before the Chelsea game, we should have had our squad and maintained our fitness with those players. Valencia and Sakho on verge of going pending if we do business and Injuries could be to blame. I understand that nobody thought Ayew would pick up a severe hamstring injury after being so inform for Swansea in pre-season.

Could the Euros and Olympics be part to blame for using our key players before an important season?

The owners may want to say that they have a done good business this window, but they honestly haven’t. Ayew signed for £20.5m, would of been fantastic business if we signed him for free last season! Batshuayi was constantly and cringe worthy mentioned by both Jack and Dave Sullivan on Twitter, even boasting a trip to the Velodrome and getting a Marseilles shirt with his name on it. What happens? Signs for Chelsea.

Carlos Tevez linked, Dave Sullivan reported we offered £150k-per-week – he wanted £250k – dead deal! At the same time, we had a deal agreed for Carlos Bacca and offered him £60k-per-week. He found out about the Tevez deal and wanted more money. What did the club do? Said the funds weren’t available, which is why the deal died.

I really do hope we learn from our mistakes and I do hope that the owners keep the club’s financial intentions quiet until the player has been signed. All this “the insider” rubbish on the official website needs to stop, as fans are getting so hung up on who we are getting and how much we are paying. Who cares about players we’re linked with and who we are going to sign. I only care once they have signed.

Being knocked out of the Europa League is a massive stake to the heart and we can most certainly wave goodbye to luxury continental players signing. I was told last season money talks and marque players will come, but where are they?

We should now focus on our domestic campaign and put full force into the EFL cup, a short competition with Europa League football the prize – and all done by March 2017. This is what we need to do, get some silverware and obtain a top 10 finish. We need to secure European football for next season as a minimum and as quickly as possible to achieve a better transfer window next summer.

Chins up, it’s Man City next.

Come on you Irons… *whimpers*

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