In an attempt to boost the atmosphere at our new home, one fan has got the ball rolling on plans to have a huge flag erected on the East Stand during match days. Just like our very own Tifo.

Timmy Hoad contact West Ham World a while ago to ask whether we would help promote the idea of having a huge flag designed and put up at London Stadium, as well as getting fans to vote on their favourite design.

Now Timmy has returned with some fantastic news – the designs have been given the go ahead by the club and, what’s more, the club are prepared to pick up the cost. Despite this, though, Timmy is planning to set up a crowd funding page for fans to donate towards the cost in order to really make it a fun funded project that should hopefully create a real buzz at home on match days.

weareIn terms of the designs, Timmy said: “Each design uses the original font that was used on the club badge (before it was changed) to retain the heritage, and logo wise I have stuck to the distinctive crossed hammers.

“They are all pretty clean and simple – claret and blue with a white logo and each flag in its own way draws on the history and culture of West Ham as we know it, and that none of us want to lose or see disappear.”

How big will it be? Timmy says: “The dimensions are yet to be confirmed but the plans are for this to be an absolute monster, rolling down from the back of the stand, and being carried towards pitch side at the bottom.

“Ideally we want it to cover the length of the stand and this will ensure that the flag makes a massive impact.”

So this has the potential to be an incredible banner/flag/tifi which should create a huge and positive atmosphere when it’s erected.

We think this is an incredible idea and we’re well behind it. The club will also be asking people to vote on their favourite flag design on the official site, proving that they’re also behind the idea.

Timmy also said: “The results in the New Year will then be added up and the design with the most votes will be added to a crowdfunding site where fans can chip in and make donations to get it made.

“Flags of this size can be extremely expensive but if everyone chips in a couple of quid then it’s job done. A link to the crowd funding site will be posted in due course.

eastlondon“Incidentally, when the club approached me they also offered to pay for the flag in full as well as a smaller one for the Bobby Moore Lower. To be fair to them, they made it clear that they didn’t wanna get involved in the design or retract from it being a fan led thing, they just thought it was a good idea and wanted to support it.

“The way I have played it with them is that we should try and fund it ourselves and if we fall short at all they can make up the rest, which I think they are happy to do.”

There are a number of designs to vote on via the link below. Once you’ve voted, make sure you pass the link to your mates to ensure as many fans vote for this as possible.

This isn’t just a fan-led initiative, the club are in support of this too, so let’s get this done and give the East Stand and Bobby Moore Lower some atmosphere. Vote by clicking the link below…