As each day passes we edge ever closer to saying goodbye to the Boleyn Ground. 

The ground where we all fell in love with West Ham. The ground where we’ve both laughed and cried in delight or anguish. The ground where West Ham have proudly strutted their stuff for 110 years.

But that is all due to come to an end after next season, with the move to the Olympic Stadium not just promising a new era at our beloved club, but also the end of another.

The Boleyn Ground may be heading for extension, but one hundred and ten years of memories can never be replaced (or knocked down and turned in to affordable housing!) And it’s those memories that will provide the legacy of one of the most iconic football stadiums in England, if not Europe, if not the world.

And in an age where social networking, mobile technology and selfies all but dominate the lives we live, what better way to document our best Boleyn Ground memories through the very things most people have their eyes glued to each and every day – an app.

Remember when Apple launched their app store and their tag line was “There’s an app for that?” Well, they were wrong. Up until now.

Because West Ham fan Sam has not only created the only place to curate all the best new and old photos of the Boleyn Ground all in one place, but also filled the big glaring gap in Apple’s app store.

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The aptly named Boleyn Ground app is essentially an Instagram for West Ham fans. You create a profile, follow fellow West Ham fans, upload images, add filters, double tap to like images and, mostly importantly document your best memories and experiences of the wonderful stadium we’ve all grown up watching West Ham in.

And, although in its early stages, Sam already has some big plans to improve the app and make it even better as we edge nearer to a new era.

He told us: “The app right now serves as a fantastic way to capture new and old photos of the Boleyn and matchdays, follow friends, family and other fans.

“We have big plans for it – although what they turn out to be exactly really depends on the way people use it.

“With a wealth of amazing photos in one place I’ll then look to build curated galleries of games, decades, eras that can be accessed on iPad, Android, web, etc.”

But how should fans use it? Well, just like they’d use any other social network. Sign up, get following their friends family and other fellow Hammers fans and then enjoy flicking through all the best photos of the Boleyn Ground.

It’s quite simply one of the best apps on the market for West Ham fans and is certainly a must have for anyone who has photos that perhaps haven’t been shared yet and deserve recognition by the very people who can relate to and remember the good times at Upton Park.

So, jump on to the app store and download it via the link below. Then, if you’re at the game later, take some photos and upload them to the Boleyn Ground app.

Let’s remember the Boleyn Ground together.

Twitter: @boleyngroundapp 
The web URL:
The App Store is:

*The app is only currently available on the Apple App Store, but an Android version is in the process of being built. So keep an eye out for that.