We, like most clubs, have had our fair share of decent goalkeepers and our fair share of the not so wonderful over the decades, but during our time in the Premier League, we have been quite fortunate in who has been our custodian.

In years gone by the likes of Gregory, Standen and Parkes have set a goalkeeping standard for others to follow and you have to remember that the goalkeeper is very much an integral part of the team. Very often the spine of the team starts with the man between the sticks. Not only should he be a more than capable keeper, he needs to command his area and be able to be heard.

Look at the best goalkeepers that we’ve seen. The defenders in front of him can trust and can rely on their keeper at those points in the game when he is most needed. If he can dominate and assert himself to his back line, the more confident that line becomes.

His stature within the team and with supporters will come from his displays of athleticism, fine saves, blocking the shot with any part of his body, almost the defiance that this ball will not pass me. From courageousness to sometimes sheer madness, the keeper can inspire, motivate and be the linchpin of the team.

So looking back over those past Premier League years, just which of our keepers are our best remembered?

In no particular order, gentlemen, gloves on and stand between the posts…

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