Co-chairman David Sullivan has hinted that the club are on the verge of making another club record signing, according to London24.

Sullivan was speaking hours after the announcement that West Ham had signed the deal that will allow them to move in to the Olympic Stadium in 2016 and his comments will go along way in increasing the fans’ believe that their club is in great hands.

He said: “I am seeing somebody on Monday and, if we sign the player, he would be the most expensive player the club’s ever signed.

“We lack goals in the team. We’ve got to sign a top class striker from somewhere.”

But he also reminded fans that, if the deal doesn’t happen, there are more big money signings in the pipeline and he and David Gold have plans to spend more money in the future as they prepare for life in their new home.

“Maybe it will be this guy on Monday, maybe it will be somebody else,” he continued.

“We have a number of big targets and he is one of them. I hope we get one this year and over the years we get more. Once we have moved we will have more available.

“We will continue to spend money. If we spend £12-£14million on a player this summer, in three or four years time it might be £30-£40million. We believe in spending on key players.”

And Sullivan has also hinted that, although he and Gold have no immediate plans to sell the club, they couldn’t stand in the way if a big offer were to come in.

“We have always said if the kind of Saudi Arabia wants to come along, we will step aside,” he said. “Or, if another person wants to come and join us, three of us will put the money in.”

But it’s the ambition Sullivan has that can’t be faulted, and he aims to turn West Ham in to a side able to compete with the Premier League’s top clubs.

“Hands on our heart, it is very difficult to compete with Chelsea and Manchester City, where they have external benefactors,” Sullivan admitted.

“But over time, we hope to close that gap. Our aim is still to finish third or fourth in the table.”