With Christmas fast approaching, the club announced the release of their own twist to the classic board game Cluedo earlier this week.

The game, on sale now at all Official Club Stores for £29.99, gives players the chance to work out who stole the club’s silverware and where they have hidden it.

But Hammers fan Roy Hearne responded by designing his own version of the whodunnit game and redesigned the box to say “Fat Sam hasn’t got a CLUEDO,” and with the slogan “Who stole our football, and where have they hidden it?”

With the recent unrest regarding the club’s current position in the Premier League and the way Sam Allardyce has gone about his tactics so far this season, it’s fair to say there was bound to be one supporter out there quick enough to make a joke out of the game.

But this effort surpassed our expectations somewhat and has given us a much needed smile during a difficult time as supporters of the club.

Got any other ideas for board game names we can twist in to West Ham related fun? Leave your suggestions in the first comment section below (the second one is inactive and is due to be removed).

(Image by Roy Hearne)