All the talk around the club last summer was whether we’d sign a big name player for a hell of a lot of money.

Eventually that turned out to be either Dimitri Payet or Alex Song, depending on how you look at it, with the former already proving to be one of the best signings in the Premier League so far this season.

As things stand there doesn’t appear to be any need to sign many players once the January transfer window opens – yep, we’re that good and our strength in depth is the best its been for many years.

But how about next summer? Should we finish this season as strongly as we’ve started it then we’ll be in a superb position to attract a big name to the club, what with the move to the Olympic Stadium and all that.

And it looks like that’s what might just happen next summer, if young Jack Sullivan is bang on the money.

David Sullivan’s son regularly partakes in Twitter Q+As to give fans a chance to get some inside information about the club and what the plans are moving forward. And one fan asked Jack today: “Are we going to buy huge player January or in the summer ready for the Olympic stadium?”

Jack’s answer? “Summer.”


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