West Ham United midfielder Robert Snodgrass has appealed to Health Secretary Matt Hancock to ‘do his homework‘ following the establishment of the ‘Players Together’ campaign.

After the COVID-19 pandemic has brought English football – and football around the world – to a pause, the NHS has required funding to treat those in need and prevent the outbreak from becoming a wider issue than it already is.

Captains and key members of Premier League clubs came together to form the ‘Players Together‘ campaign, which is a charitable fund to work alongside the NHS to financially support those struggling in these unprecedented times.

And Snodgrass has publicly hit out at Hancock following the release of this excellent campaign. He said: “Thanks Matt Hancock it’s great to have your backing.

“In future, do your homework on what we do and who we are as people before coming for us.

“Over Β£1billion in tax and NI payments doesn’t even earn respect anymore. It’s not about us it’s about the real heroes…the NHS.”

And as you would expect, Snodgrass’ comments picked up plenty of reaction on social media…