ExWHUEmployee has tweeted an update on Marko Arnautovic’s efforts to leave West Ham, which was first reported by Sky Sports.

The West Ham Insider claims that despite wanting to leave the club, Arnautovic won’t hand in a transfer request, as it would mean he surrenders bonuses and financial benefits.

The attitude that came to make this piece of news, one of self-entitlement and a feeling he shouldn’t have to do anything to get a move, sums up Arnautovic’s outlook on this transfer so far.

This has been the case in both January and the current window, so in all honesty, we shouldn’t have expected anything different.

He was seen as a large part of why West Ham’s season slowed down after January, as he refused to play, then came back after the AFC Wimbledon defeat as if nothing had happened.

The Austrian also failed to score in the first nine games he played after his return, though he picked up form at the end of the season, getting three goals and an assist in his final three games – which likely came in time for him to prove to potential buyers that he can still be an asset.

He has been disrespectful in the way that he has treated the club, so in truth, it will be a relief when he finally leaves for China.

However, the unnamed Chinese Premier League team who put in a £19.7million bid for him, according to Sky Sports, will need to put in a better offer if a move is to materialise.

There is the feeling this could still go on for a while longer, as it is unlikely Arnautovic will budge until he gets what he wants.