It’s now less than 300 days until we make the huge move from the Boleyn Ground to the Olympic Stadium – 296 days, to be exact.

We were lucky enough to have seen just how amazing the stadium looks during the Rugby World Cup, with many fans tweeting their amazement of just how stunning it is whilst going to the games. And the club are promising it will look even better once we move in, which is encouraging.

We’ve seen pictures of what it looks like inside, but we’ve seen very few of what to expect inside. Until today.

Vice-chairman Karren Brady, who has done an amazing job with the Olympic Stadium transition so far, tweeted an image this morning that gave us an even bigger glimpse of what to expect in the concourses at the Olympic Stadium and how the club hope to make it feel like home for us fans.

And from what we can see from the image(s) below, we won’t be disappointed…

(Credit: Karren Brady via Twitter)

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