Mark Noble in West Ham is without a question a key player and has helped the team in more ways than it can be described or recorded. But the legend hit his 30s and it’s quite difficult to maintain the same level that he used to amaze the fans and the management with.

This drop in the form combined with the appointment of new manager, David Moyes, might turn out to be very difficult for Noble and his future with the West Ham he loves so much.

A Brilliant Career

The commitment and loyalty of Mark Noble towards West Ham cannot be doubted and in previous seasons, there were quite a few matches when Noble alone saved the team from dropping points or even won some very important matches for West Ham. But those days seem so distant now with the new boss in charge.

Helped by less-convincing performances from Noble that culminated with a very disappointing defeat against Watford, David Moyes in West Ham decided to leave him on the bench for the next match against Leicester City.

Hoping to still catch some minutes in the game and change the 1-1 result on the table, Noble never managed to get on the field and he remained an unused substitute.

Will He Be Back from the Bench?

That’s the question everyone is asking right now and if you take a look at the West Ham’s schedule in the following weeks, it makes no sense not to see him on the field.

Many speculate that this unexpected move to the bench is a strategy that Moyes used to motivate Mark and make him wish to get back to the form that consecrated him at the West Ham. No matter if this is true or not, one thing is certain, Noble will be under a lot of pressure due to the unprecedented situation of being left on the West Ham United bench.

Losing the position of a regular starter is something very difficult for a player to accept and, in most situations, it can lead to negative rather than positive results. But this is something that changes from player to player depending on his will and motivation. Some fans joked about the situation saying that he might as well have enjoyed a free slot machine online while being on the bench.

Will He Accept the New Situation?

In case his future performances won’t be enough to convince Moyes to get him back to the regular starting eleven, another question starts to rise. Will Noble, a player that is used to being loved and acclaimed by the fans and colleagues, accept the situation of not being a regular at West Ham?

It’s a gamble just like an online casino. But with figures like Winston Reid taking the captain role from him, these are really decisive moments for Noble’s West Ham career.

Hopefully for him and the fans of West Ham news, he is more focused on getting back in the shape that made him a key player at West Ham United and pays little attention to all these movements in the team.

The fans and everyone in the club are certain that a complete professional like Noble will be able to get back from this weaker period, especially since he’s not that old and might still have 2 or three good years ahead of him. It’s all up to the coach and Mark’s performances to determine the fate of West Ham this season.